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I am trying to be granted temporary custody of my nieces .I am in Suffolk county where do I begin & what should I do!!

East Moriches, NY |

I have been caring for my 2 nieces for over 3 plus years now . The father is sick and unable to physically care for them but not there the mother is god knows where .I haven't heard from her in over 3 yrs. .I would like to be granted temporary or full custody of them .I am not sure this what I should be asking for but I would like to be able to care for them without restraints. They are now on Medicaid which gives me such a hard time when it is time to reapply,And I would like to add them to my insurance .Plus my landlords going nuts he either says I have to move or add them to my lease but he needs court documents (we stay In a village with crazy rules). How do I do ask for custody, where should I start and what documents do I need. And how long does this take?
Thanks for your time!

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It is as straight forward as Mr. Lutzky said. Just go to Family Court and file a petition. The only issue is that you will have to attempt to serve the mother. That may be a problem if she has been out of the picture for three years. Good luck.


File in family court where you live for custody. You will need to serve both the mother and the father. Contact a local family law attorney to help you.

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