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I am the executor of my mother's will. How do I get access to her certificate of deposit?

Shelton, WA |

My name is on all of her banking accounts, but not on this CD. What do I have to do?

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First thing is to take her original will to a local, well regarded attorney who can help you with the probate. Once the probate is opened, you will be able to get letters testamentary from the Clerk's office. You would take that letter to the Bank, explain your business there, and ask them for the information related to this CD. Then you review the will and determine what your mother wanted to happen to this account.

Robert Johnson is in downtown Shelton and I think very highly of him. If he does not do probate work, he will know where to send you for help with this.

I am sorry for your loss. I hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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I agree with Ms. Powell's answer.

I would also suggest that, if the account and all other probatable assets are less than $100,000.00, you might ba able to use the small estate procedure, which should be much less expensive than the full probate process,

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Another thing you might check is whether there was a death beneficiary for the CD. If a death beneficiary was designated, it passes to that person outside the will.

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Julie Cook in my office (Shelton) handles probate issues and would be a good person to make a call to for an opinion on this question. Generally, opening a probate and getting "letters testamentary" to show the bank is how you will access most accounts. Julie's phone number is 360-427-7474.