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I am the executive director and founder of a small non for profit agency in ny. I am writing because I do not know where to turn

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The story begins as a single mom with a traumatic brain injury that just wanted to help everyone. I struggled through college and 17 years ago with 3 credit cards and a dream founded A non profit. It's all I have done all theses years that and foster care. On may 2, 8 days after I signed a new employment contract I was called in, in the middle of our largest fund raiser and told; "we have lost our faith in your ability to lead and we are asking for your resignation" this was not a unanimous decision in fact the attorney that sat on the board stated that she wanted no part of it and advised them against it. They told her they didn't need her they have quorum. She asked them why they didn't give her an answer. I asked them why, no answer. An attorney asked why, no answer. That's all I know.
In 2009 we struggled with a change in status from one of our contacts that landed us in finiacial destitute. I went without paycheck s, I took a loan from my brother which I am still paying off, I took a second mortgage out on my house which I am still paying off, and I have paid a number of things, not taken vacation pay or millage reimbursement nor taken rent for the building they rent from me personally. Now the IRS is coming after me for a 1 1/2 years of back payroll taxes that they are holding me personally responsible for.
Nys dept of human rights has taken the discrimination suite. However they don't do taxes or contacts or anything else. Dept of labor won't help me stating because I am an executive they can't and won't even question them. The board president is young and over zealous she also is the assistance to a us congressmen and may be in conflict with what she does there.
I am broke everything I have is tied up in a company that I don't work for. My marriage is under stress and the only thing keeping me going is unemployment and taking in foster kids. I am so scared and lost and have no where to turn. I need an attorney that is going to take a percentage of what I can recover.

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I think it is unlikely that you will find an attorney to address this on a pure contingency basis. To the extent you are planning on addressing disability discrimination claims, please keep in mind that the statute of limitations is 300 days from the last act of discrimination under the Federal laws and 3 years under the state.

I wish you the best of luck and I would advise you to speak with an attorney familiar with the intricacies of non-profits. I am not such an attorney, I am sorry.

This answer does not constitute legal advice and you should contact an attorney to confirm or research further any statements made in this answer. Any statements of fact or law I have made in this answer pertain solely to New York State and should not be relied upon in any way in any other jurisdiction. Additionally, we also encourage you to reach out to us via Twitter (!/WhiteRoseMarks) or Facebook ( if you have follow up questions as we do not monitor questions after providing an initial answer.


You need quality employment counsel. Good luck.


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