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I am taking a ticket for a faulty muffler to trial. The judge actually recommended that I do. I don't know how to handle it.

Middletown, NY |

I was given an order to fix ticket, and the officer set the date for four weeks and told me it was to give me plenty of time to get it fixed, and that if I showed up with a receipt proving it was repaired, it would most likely be dropped. I had the repairs done before the date, dropped off the ticket and receipt, and called 2 weeks later as instructed. I was told that a court date was set because I waited 3 weeks to fix it, when by law it was supposed to be fixed in 24 hours. The muffler was not even really faulty, a bit old, and in those weeks none of the police in my area or anywhere else took any notice. I had the muffler replaced because it would have needed it eventually anyway. And I was mislead by the officer, even told me to keep the ticket in my wallet to show if I was pulled over

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These "fix-it" tickets require that the appropriate repairs be done in 24 hours. Failure to do so means eth ticket goes forward. I assume you are charged with eth equipment violation of Loud or Inadequate Muffler. It carries a minimum fine of $0, and a $55 surcharge. Tell your story to the judge and ask for some understanding.


It's a minimum fine and not points I would just pay it and not waste my time in court.


If the judge is already sympathetic, cut to the chase with your explanation on a guilty plea and ask that he waive the fines, etc.

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