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I am switching medical clinics and I was wondering if I can pick my records up in person. I don't want them to fax my records

Victoria, TX |

because of privacy issues. I have a problem with an office worker and don't want her to know where I am going. Please help!

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Yes you can. They belong to you. Call ahead so they can get them copied then go get them.

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I am not licensed to practice in Texas, but I can't see that being a problem. Just make clear when you request them that you would prefer to pick them up rather than having them sent. I hope this helps. Good luck. Take care.

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I would think so. Contact the medical office and let them know that you want a copy of the records. They will have you sign a HIPPA form.


You should be able to.


You have a right to a complete copy of your medical file. You can pick it up in person.

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