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I am sure you have heard about the Dentist Scott Harrinton

Tulsa, OK |

He has made national news. I was just wondering since my daughter was a patient just this past January and had oral surgery and was put to sleep by an assistant that is NOT trained to do so and was acceptable to being infected by these diseases (her test came back negative) but, has to go back in July to make it wasn't in an early infection state and giving a false reading. What happens in situations like this?

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Best not to post names on this forum. If your daughter contracts anything, retain a local lawyer to order her medical records to review.


There will likely be disciplinary action by the Dental Board as well as possible criminal action. It is quite likely that a number of civil suits will be filed as well. Your daughter may have a case for intentional infliction of medical distress, and anyone who contracts a disease will certainly have a case. The problem is that any insurance coverage will certainly be limited and there won't be enough to go around. Obviously, those who contracts a disease (including your daughter should it show up later) will claim the lion's share of the insurance. There was a similar case here in Oklahoma several years age involving an anesthesiologist. In that case a settlement was made based on a grid dividing the settlement based on a ranking of injury. Those without active disease received very little. Hope this helps.


Consult with a local medical malpractice lawyer to evaluate your case in light of all the facts and circumstances. Good luck.

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