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I am separated from my husband and have no income. We have a house together as well as a car.I need to know what my next step is

Pitman, NJ |

Married for almost 5 years-4 year old son- I cannot afford the house but he is keeping it. I am a co signer on the car but cannot afford it

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Next step is to hire an attorney and file for divorce, if that is what you want.

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As has been previously said on topics of this level of importance .... some questions here can be quickly, easily, and accurately answered. Others cry out for getting a professional legal opinion and a formal consultation with an attorney who specializes in Family Law. You're in that second category. -... skipping a consult is the very definition of being "penny wise / pound foolish."

You have the right to child support (assuming the child is with you), probably to term alimony, and to some share of the marital assets (and debts) if there are any. This is really way too sensitive a question to post here - you need a consult. Many attorneys offer a free one and can explain all your rights and options, including getting a retainer "from him" by tapping marital assets subject to distribution.

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actually these days all attorneys want a consultation fee! I've tried, anywhere from $50 to $565! just about no one consults free! my last one told me he couldn't take the case so I said thank you and was going to leave but he said wait so I did thinking he was going to have an associate take the case because he started talking about them, then he changed subjects back to himself and bragged about how wonderful he was. when he was done after more than a half hour, I asked again is his firm taking the case then for me? he said no and I owe him for the consultation and wanted $265 for the half hour he talked about himself!!!! I wasn't allowed to leave with my documents I brought till he got his money!


The assets obtained during your marriage belong to both of you, not just him. You need to consult with an attorney to learn of your rights.


You should speak to an attorney so that you and the attorney can plan for your husband to pay support for you and your child.

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