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I am selling my home. I have signed the contract to an investor. He never put dn the earnest money. Is the contract invalid now

Renton, WA |

He keeps promising me that he will find me another place to live..but? I say to him "How can you promise me that? I am 69 years old and do not want to go thru this.

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If the earnest money was supposed to be deposited or paid within a certain time period and it wasn't, it is likely that the contract is invalid now. To be sure, you should have the contract reviewed by a real estate attorney or real estate broker if you cannot afford an attorney.

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You really need to talk to a local real estate attorney now. The fact that he hasn't made his required earnest money deposit is a default, but not likely to be an automatic cancelation of the contract. Check Avvo for a real estate attorney in your local area and call them now.

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You have the right to immediately demand adequate assurance, and it sounds as though you have a more complicated agreement than just sale of your home. I agree with the other attorney that recommended you consult with legal counsel.

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