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I am seeking a litigation attorney in King County, to sue a very large entity for punitive damages. Any reccommendations?

Seattle, WA |

This is not going to be an action for the fainthearted, and I need an agressive, moral, dedicated, loyal attorney to take on the big guys.

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I'd add to the previous answer that punitive damages are awardable only in certain types of legal actions, and may not be possible in other kinds of cases. So rather than presenting your case in terms of "punitive damages" which may be irrelevant to the case, you'll be more likely to be taken seriously by lawyers, and more likely to find a suitable lawyer, if you describe the case in terms of its substantive facts (not conclusions), and the kinds of areas of law practice that may be involved (e.g., real estate, constitutional law, business tort, specific statutory law, etc.).
Please note that I practice law only in NY. As they say, "Your mileage may vary." Best of luck.


And Washington courts do not award punitive damages to anyone, no matter how egregious the wrong.

Elizabeth Powell

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