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I am running a music entertainment label. What kind of lawyer writes up contracts for me hiring professional performers.

Tacoma, WA |

I live in tacoma, wa. I want to put on events and hire singers/musicians to come perform, but I need a lawyer to write up contracts to protect us. Where should I look and who should I hire?

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Ed Pierson in Seattle. He's one of the best music lawyers in the business.

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An entertainment attorney is a good place to start.


Hire an entertainment lawyer who is familiar with that particular segment of the industry. There is an AVVO directory where you can find lawyers. Or, if there's nobody in your area in the directory, see if you can get a local referral.

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An entertainment lawyer, or any intellectual property attorney with copyright/music experience should be able to assist you. Pierce County Bar Association or King County Bar Association provide good databases of attorneys in the field. Good luck!

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The contracts that you require are not terribly complicated. Shoot calls to some of the entertainment attorneys in the greater Seattle are and go with you feel most comfortable with. Feel free to give me a call as well; I would be happy to discuss it with you.

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Any competent music attorney could draft such agreements for you.

As far as selecting an entertainment attorney, I recently wrote a magazine article for a Los Angeles music business magazine ("Music Connection") on just that topic. "Hiring an Entertainment Attorney—Some Insider Tips" You can find it online at
Good luck.

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