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I am required to pay half of my children's medical expenses but my ex sandbagged 10 months of bills and dropped them in my lap.

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I have repeatedly asked for them in a more timely manner. It is not that I don't want to pay them, but shouldn't there be a way to force her to produce them quicker?

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Yes there should be a way to for her to produce them quicker. Check the document that requires you to pay half of the medical expenses. It should be in your settlement agreement, parenting plan, final judgment or other court order. See if that document contains a time frame in which she must submit the bills. If it does not, you can petition for a requirement for the bills to be submitted within a reasonable time, I suggest within 30 days, or she waives her right to reimbursement. It strikes me that if she took ten months to give you the bills you should have ten months to pay them, assuming paying for all of those bills at once is not feasible. Good luck.

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This was posted in the personal injury section, however, you can get your child support lawyer to contact the lawyer of your ex to work this out.

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You need to speak with a family law/child custody lawyer. Best of luck to you.


I am not sure why you have posted this child support question in the personal injury section of I suggest you consult with a domestic relations attorney to see whether or not it would be appropriate to seek a court order requiring your wife to present you with bills within 10 days of her receipt of them.

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This has a substantial potential for a negative outcome if you do not address this issue swiftly. Depending on the amount, you should submit a good faith plan for reimbursement over a defined period of time between 3-6 months (i.e, Dear Jane, I can repay you $100 twice a month for the next 3 months for a total of $600, as that is all I can afford). You should present this to him/her through your respective counsels if you are still represented, in the alternative you may consider drafting a letter enclosed with the first payment. Keep a copy of both the check and the letter.

The alternative is being drug back into support court on a Contempt Petition. While the limited facts you have given do not necessarily lend to a finding in Contempt, it may still be costly and inconvenient to say the least.

The letter should also detail a timeframe for forwarding medical bills for timely payment. I would suggest a reasonable time is within 2 weeks of receipt or at the next custody exchange.

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