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I am representing myself in my divorce because i cant afford a lawyer. my husbands lawyer is not responding to my calls or email

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is there a motion that i can file to hurry up and move the case along. its been two months since the last hearing and i just want to get this over with

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Be sure to keep copies of your email messages in your records. Maintain a log of telephone calls to the attorney and when you do speak to someone, make a note of what was discussed. Correspond by mail and maintain a copy in your file also. If the attorney raises any questions about communication you will be able to tell the judge about the extensive attempts you have made to communicate. You can also contact the Judge's assistant and request a status conference but it will have to be coordinated with opposing counsel. Understand that divorces don't always move along quickly and two months between hearings is not a long time.


I definitely agree with the prior answer about keeping detailed documentation regarding your repeated attempts to contact your husband's lawyer. I would suggest sending faxes and/or certified correspondence in addition to calling and emailing. Additionally, to move your case forward, if you haven't done so already and if most of the respective financial information that is required by the rules (Mandatory Disclosure documents) has already been exchanged, then I would suggest contacting the mediation center at the courthouse where your divorce is pending and requesting mediation to be scheduled. The mediation center would assist in coordinating this with you husband's lawyer. Mediation is required in all cases prior to getting in front of a Judge and frequently cases can be resolved in mediation. If the matter doesn't resolve at mediation, then the next step typically would be to Notice the matter for Trial so that a Judge can decide the disputed issues.

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