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I am representing myself in court for an underage drinking ticket, fake ID, and disorderly conduct? Any advice?

Turtle Lake, WI |

I was at a friends cabin and we were drinking before going to a concert. After the concert, I tried to go backstage and was caught by the cops who brethalyzed me and searched my wallet. They found my fake ID and gave me a drinking citation and a disorderly conduct violation resulting in $950 in fines. These offenses are all in the municipal court. Any advice on what to say when I go to my court date?

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1) Hire an attorney. Don't represent yourself. Enter a "not guilty" plea and get more time to hire an attorney.

2) Don't post a confession to a public website.


You can start by entering a not guilty plea. I recommend getting treatment for any alcohol addiction, and hiring a local attorney. Often an attorney can your fine reduced, charges dropped, amended, or dismissed. Good luck.

This is not intended as legal advice. It is only provided for educational purposes and cannot be relied upon as legal advice. Further no attorney client relationship is or has been formed by answering this question.

John Scott Swimmer

John Scott Swimmer


This should have said "Often an attorney can get your fine reduced, charges dropped, amended, or dismissed.


I agree with the above answers. I would add you may want to ask Avvo to remove your post. Anything you post may be used against you in court, and you made yourself easily identifiable here.

Also, this is the type of advice for which attorneys get paid. You don't email your doctor about your symptoms and expect a free diagnosis. The doctor will require you to come in for exam and for you to pay the fee. An attorney will do the same.

At the very least, consider purchasing a few hours of an attorney's time to assist you behind the scenes, if not on the record.

Good luck.