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I am receiving calls from an "agency/law firm" saying they are going to have me arrested for unpayment of a payday loan.

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I asked what company they were representing - no response - they told me it would turned to a Federal officials and an arrest warrant would be issued at my job. I have heard this more than once. They refuse to tell me the company. When I asked to speak to the attorney at the Out Of State law firm - "I am the representative - the attorneys don't talk TO YOU". My orig. transaction was done by email. They are threatening fraud by check (never wrote one), felony theft, and etc. They got me very scared. I asked over and over about the company - I wanted to set up payment plans now that my job is better and I am in a better position. It was not up for discuss. I have to pay in excess of 400.00 TODAY or else. they called my cell and my job.

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Debt collection companies are not allowed to do the things that you are saying they did. Generally you can sue them for such allegations. As discussed by the other lawyers, the most important thing is whether or not this is an actual collection agency. Have you google searched the number they are calling from. If it is a debt collection company please give me a call. If it is not, disregard the scam.

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The federal government doesn't prosecute debtors that don't pay loans. And law firms lack the power to arrest people. Contact local law enforcement to file a complaint because you appear to be the victim of an extortion attempt, and that is a criminal offense. Hope this perspective helps!

Keith G Langer

Keith G Langer


Quite likely a scam; possibly a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act - IF you actually owe the money.


Unfortunately, many consumers are being contacted by scam outfits posing as collection agencies. The BBB issued a consumer alert last month on this issue:


I agree with my colleagues.

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I have seen more and more of these sorts of calls coming to consumers. In my experience, sketchy lenders use sketchy collectors. My colleagues here are correct, most likely, this is a scam. If so, there is nearly nothing you can do except notify you Attorney General’s office. Legitimate collectors know that these are blatant violations of the FDCPA. The main goal of these scammers is to scare you so that you will pay them. Don’t let them win.


Payday loan companies routinely lie. You probably don't even have good contact information so you can send a cease & desist letter demanding they not contact you at work. Paying or filing bankruptcy are probably your only options.

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