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I am pregnant and my fiance is not divorced yet. Should i wait on moving in with him to not cause issues with his divorce?

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I am 4 months pregnant. My fiance has been dealing with child custody and settlement for 4.5 years. Despite equal custody he is paying full support plus alimony.His ex-wife's attorney is not providing the divorce decree and has asked for extension. I am trying to determine if I should hold off moving in with him and his son (8 yrs) in 2 months (I'll be 6 months preg at that time) and instead just moving into an apartment and waiting until his situation is finalized. My family is concerned with me being alone and advised I should ask for legal advice as to whether my moving in with my fiance could cause his ex-wife to delay more. I make more money than my fiance so I won't add financial burden. His son and I have a wonderful relationship. I am just concerned that his ex will retaliate.

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It depends on the stage of his case. If the settlement agreement hasn't been signed yet, and custody is still being contested, then I would certainly consult your fiancé's attorney before making a decision. If the settlement agreement's been signed, then consult the agreement - if it doesn't prohibit such actions (probably not) then I don't see the harm in moving in. That said, your fiancée is best advise to notify the mother of the move-in - it's a goof faith gesture. For a full assessment, schedule a consultation with a NYC Divorce lawyer.

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Speak with your fiancé and his lawyer about his case strategy. Hard to advise without knowing all the reasons for the delay.

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Without knowing where things stand in the process and without knowing the personalities involved it's hard to be precise. But from a legal standpoint there is no harm in taking either position.

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