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I am paying for my water bill and neighbors, owner was aware and i was not,does he have to reimburse me in full

San Diego, CA |

the water company technician came to investigate the situation and they verified that we are sharing the water line on same lot. i have been paying and the neighbor has not (she told us "oh you pay water") which made me question it. the owner sais he will put water in his name now but know we will redo lease and i have to pay trash,sewer which i didn't before. and that he will deduct it from rent in a course of 6 months. it is $492 avg can i request it in full of one months rent

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If you were paying the neighbor's water bill then it is the neighbor who should reimburse you, not the owner, assuming this neighbor is not the owner. As for deducting the amount from one month's rent instead of spreading it over 6 months you can certainly request it from the owner, but I am not sure if he/she will agree. You can try though.

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