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I am owed money from a previous employer. what legal action can I take to get the money that is owed to me for services provided

Orlando, FL |

I was not paid for about 2 months because of economic troubles. In the past, he has not paid me to pay other irate employees and I got paid a few days or weeks after. This time I am owed over $7k. I have tried to contact the employer and no response. What should I do to get my money that I worked so hard for?

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Report your wage claim to the state Department of Labor. This is their job. They act pretty quickly to enforce the basic wage laws. This is not generally something that the private attorneys can do a whole lot with under normal circumstances. But, in my experience, when the Labor Department comes calling, things happen.

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You may want to contact an attorney who handles Fair Labor Standards Act cases. While the amount is too big for small claims court, an attorney who handles this type of claim may be willing to pursue a case for a smaller amount than many other attorneys. That's because they handle lots of these cases and can process them several at a time.

You can try the Florida Department of Labor and the U.S. Department of Labor, but they're usually pretty overwhelmed.

Good luck with it!