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I am on summary probation but cannot do community service due to health problems . Can I pay a fine in lieu community service ?

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I have 300 hours to do . I am the caretaker of my elderly mother and have power of attorney on her behalf. I have severe heart disease as well as I am partially crippled due to siatica

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It depends. If the community service was part of your sentence as a form of jail time, no. If it was instead of paying a fine, then almost certainly yes. Don't delay in addressing this. Put your case on calendar and try to get an extension from the judge. Prepare to bring proof of the things preventing you from doing the community service. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


I agree with my colleague. You MUST get this matter on calendar and speak to judge about modifying it.

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Possibly, but as mentioned before you can't wait any further. You must get on this now. A knowledgeable attorney may help in this matter. I suggest contacting your previous attorney and let them know what you are trying to do so they are there when you walk into the court room. Good luck.
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