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I am on removal proceedings,married to US citizen and father soon. I-130 pending, my hearing soon, what expecting from judge

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married to US citizen and I am going to be father next month, my I-130 is pending, waiting for the interview. I have hearing soon, I would like to ask what I will expect from the judge in the court


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The Immigration Judge will hopefully allow enough time for the I-130 adjudication, but he will likely advise you to retain counsel to determine whether you are eligible to adjust status or will have to consular process, and evaluate any other potential relief options. If this is your second or third master calendar hearing, he might not give you the continuance. I certainly wouldn't recommend going through removal proceedings without the help of experienced counsel, especially if you are married to a U.S. citizen and might have a viable form of relief from removal.

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You need to request for a continuance to allow the I-130 to get approved. The Immigration Judge should grant the motion.

Best of luck.

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The judge will want to see the I-130 receipt. He/She will also want to see your wife in court with you. Ask for a continuance based on the pending I-130.

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Hire a competent immigration attorney near you, prior to your next hearing...

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