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I am on probation of a moving violation. And within 3 months got a speeding citation. Will my license get suspended?

Houston, TX |

The first ticket was because I asked a cop how to detour, as there was a marathon going on and the roads were blocked. He gave me a ticket of driving the wrong way. I did not know if I had a case and went for probation of 3 months. Unfortunately 2 months later, I was lost on a freeway and got a speeding ticket. I have had a clean driving record for 4 years.

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If you plead guilty or nolo contendre to the first ticket, it is done and you likely cannot reopen that charge. If you were close to the end of your deferred on the first charge, it is possible that the second ticket will not appear before the first is cleared. Hire a traffic ticket attorney that can either get the second ticket dismissed or delay resolution until the deferred on the first ticket is completed.
Good luck.


Wow, you speed when you are lost in Houston?! I guess you were in a hurry to figure out where you were?

Look at the terms of your deferred adjudication and you will learn the answer.

It is highly doubtful your license will be suspended.

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