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I am on probation for two felonies, how do i go about moving from MN to WA?

International Falls, MN |

I got the two felonies last yr ( 5th d . drug and receiving stolen property ) and got 5 yrs of probation and i also got 3 yrs probation around the same time in WI and had immigration problems due to my charges . everything is token care of and all my cases are closed i have changed my life around . i live with my mom witch is my biggest support system and we both want to move from MN to WA all my sober family live there , brothers , sister , relatives etc . plus my mom and i have job offers there . will i be aloud to move that far ? and whats the process if i am aloud ? i need to go with my mom cause i have no where stable to live if she leaves and in all reality i have no one sober here and i don't want to set myself up for failure .

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Attorney answers 3


Contact your probation officer and explain the situation to him/her. It is not uncommon for probation to be transferred from one state to the next so long as the probationer has been fully compliant with all of the terms and conditionjs of probation.


People transfer their probation to another state all the time, but it must be done according to the procedures of the court, with the courts permission by arrangement. Bottom line: discuss this with your current Probation Officer. He or she will be able to help you. Generally they will tell you that you need to get the Probation Department in the place you plan to move to, to indicate a willingness to take you on. Start with your current PO.


Ask your probation officer and/or your attorney. It is not uncommon to transfer your probation, but they would be your best source of information.