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I am on probation for 2nd degree burglary I have be for 4 years 10 months. I am due to het off in 2 months

Saint Joseph, MO |

I had a restution amount of 30 grand now there where 2 others people also order to pay this but they went to prison and did not pay any but I did not go to priso and have continued to pay it. I have paid around 14 grand I am due you get off probation in a couple months and my probation office is recommend to the judge that they exten me. This is in the stat on Missouri also. How long do they usually extend people on probation and also what are the odd they my let you off and pay it in civil court. I have read case where people where allowed to do that. Any help would be great thanks to all that answer

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Under Missouri Revised Statutes the court can only extend your probation by 1 year if you received a 5 year probationary term. Thus, you can end up with a total of 6 years. However, it is quite common to revoke an individual that has an SIS probation and resentence the defendant to a term of years in prison and then place them on an SES probation for another 5 years. With that being said, if you are currently on an SES type of probation then the court can only extend it by 1 year.

If the court is trying to revoke your probation I would suggest that you speak with attorney that deals with probation revocation hearings so that you know your rights. Good luck .

Brent E. Labovitz
Attorney at Law



Thank you very much I talked with my probation officer and the probation office is only recommen a extension of probation on my sis probation. Thank you very much agin

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