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I am on pre trial for 9 felonys, i just viloted, and i'm pregnant

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i am 6 months pregnant, my po called my mothers phone and left a voicemail, and i got it 5 days later. it stated that i needed to do a ua. well, i got the voicemail way to late. she shouldnt do that if she couldnt get AHOLD of me. just leaving a voicemail doesnt seem right. with me being pregnant and a warrent about to go out for my arrest i need to know how they will put me back on pre trail, and if its possible

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Contact an attorney who can arrange for you to turn yourself in and request a hearing on the matter as soon as possible. If you ignore the warrant and do not turn yourself in, the consequences are likely to be much worse.

This answer does not, nor is it intended to, create an attorney-client relationship or constitute attorney advertising. Rather, it is offered solely for information purposes. Since the facts of each case are different, it is critical to consult with qualified counsel with whom information can be shared and assessed under an attorney-client privilege, so that competent advice can be obtained on which you can make informed decisions.


The only thing you can do is hire an aggressive criminal defense attorney.

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You need to hire an attorney if you haven't already. If you are on pre-trial release you almost certainly either have a court appointed or retained attorney, if not start calling attorneys right now. Your attorney should contact the Assistant State Attorney assigned to the case and see if bond conditions can be arranged before you turn yourself in. If this was your only pre-trial release violation there is a reasonable chance of getting you back out.

It is your responsibility to give your Pre-Trial Release Officer contact information that actually puts him in contact with you. It is not the PTO's job to move mountains to alert you of a drug test.