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I am on pending case of asylum and while ago i have put under ISAP. Can i leave the country with out any notice to IJ and ICE?

Orlando, FL |

I wanna ask my passport from ICE and leave with out any notice to my home country, is there any problem might be in airport at the time border cross?

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You can leave without a problem but you won't be coming back anytime soon, particularly if you return to a country you are claiming asylum from.


If your case is pending before the IJ and ICE is in possession of your passport, you could certianly ask the IJ to permit you to withdraw your application for admission and perhaps allow you to depart the US under an order of voluntary departure (VD). Once you were to have the IJ's case resolved, you could then go to ICE and let them know of your plans to leave. This woudl likely require the purchase of a ticket and coordination with ICE and the ISAP folks to see that their end of matters is resolved correctly and without any loose ties being left behind. Keep in mind that if you do depart under these circumstances, the likelihood of returning in the immediate future is quite low. So ponder the consequences seriously before deciding how to proceed. Good luck.