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I am on L2 Visa. Will I be able to sell stock photographs to sites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto etc

Cincinnati, OH |

I am trying to understand that apart from getting my social, do I need to apply for EAD for selling my photographs ? I am mostly going to accept payment through Paypal account which is attached to my bank account.


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You can work but apply for an EAD.

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Yes, you can work in the US. However, you must apply for and receive an Employment Authorization Document (EAD) before you start making money by selling photographs online. The SSN itself is not enough.


As the spouse of an L-1 (most likely "B") visa holder you are entitled to file for employment authorization (on Form I-765). Do so, obtain a work permit, then you can lawfully work or "conduct business" of the kind you are contemplating here. To engage in those activities without a work permit will be a violation of your visa status and could render you deportable and ruin your entire immigration future in the US. Am side that's not what you have in mind.

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As an L-2 you need to have an EAD to work in the US.


If it’s not a business, or your “work”, then that’s fine.