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I am on L2, with a valid visa,I-94 and EAD. Can I continue to work here even if my spouse has to travel back.

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Spouse L1 visa and my L2 visa is valid till dec 2013, also my EAD is valid till dec 2013 , but my spouse project is over and she has to go back. So can I still work here when she is not in US.

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If your spouse only goes back on a brief visit to India, intends to come back well within the validity period of his L-1B visa and otherwise maintains status, then yes., you can still work during his temporary absence from the U.S.
If, on the other hand, he left with no intent to return, then no, since you status is dependent on his.

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It depends on whether your spouse is going back for a short visit or not. If he is going back for a short visit, you can remain in the US. If he is going back for a long period of time, you cannot remain in the US.

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As long as your spouse and his employer expect to continue their relationship, and foresee a continued need for his employment in the US as an L 1, and continue to renew his L visa, there is no problem with maintaining L 2 status and renewing your EAD, no matter what the length of his absence is.