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I am on house arrest. Have probation for 2 years, I need to fly.

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I am on house arrest for 90 days. This is my 3rd offense of DUI(one in 1996,1997 and 2008) I have 2 years of probation. So when I get off of house arrest, I am afraid that I won't be able to fly because I will be on probation. My company doen't know because I took a 4 month offered leave. Since this is my livelyhood...How I make my living, how can this be accomplished while being on probation? I know they have travel permits, but I was told that they don't give back to back travel permits. Please, Please lend me some advice

Another quick thing, my probation officer I have now on house arrest said I will get a new PO when I get off House arrest. My question is, will the new PO do another interview with me, or was the initial interview I did with the current PO be the only interview? Also, he said if I am a model probationer, meaning paid my fines, and did all to comply, he said that I will probably be under miniumal supervision, meaning I call in once a month, anyone know about this?

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This should have been discussed with your lawyer before you plead guilty. You need to meet with the probation officer and explain your situation. See what they will permit. Ultimately the Judge can order and or change the conditions of your probation. You have to meet with your lawyer and ask these questions, if you do not have a lawyer, get one, It may take a motion filed with the Court to permit you to work.


You need to contact your attorney right away. If you didn't have an attorney you need to consult with a qualified criminal defense attorney regarding the probation issues. Contacting your probation officer may not do any good as they may not have the power to change the terms of your probation. There may be certain interstate compacts that apply that would prevent your travel to other states. International flights on your airline would be a much bigger problem.

This is probably not an insurmountable problem but it is going to take some work to resolve the issues. Usually travel modifications to probation are with regard to specific trips and specific locations. As a flight attendant you may travel to 10 states in one week and that needs to be taken into account.

Do not wait until your term of house arrest is up. It will be to late then. Contact an attorney right away so they can begin work to modify the terms of the probation if possible.

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