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I am on F1 OPT STEM extension , non E - Verified company files for H1B . Can I get a CAP GAP for that employer ?

Bayshore, NY |

I am on F1 OPT 17 months extension which expires ending of June 2014. I work for employer A who is e verified but not willing to sponsor H1b . Employer B is sponsoring my H1B but does not wish to be e - verified . 1 . Will I be eligible for CAP GAP to maintain status if I wok for employer B that is not everified ? 2. During the cap gap period between July 2014 and September 2014, can I work Employer B that is not e verified till I start H1b in October 1? Also is it compulsory to work for my H1b sponsor during the cap gap or can I work for any employer during the cap gap till October 1 ?

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Company B's attorney is in the best position to answer this question for you.

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