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I am on county parole and wanted to know how to get a different judge if i ever happened to violate my parole.

Irwin, PA |

will hiring a attorney with a conflict of interest with this judge for revocation hearing get me in front of a differant judge?

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I respectfully suggest that instead of trying to "game" the system in the event that you happen to violate parole, you concentrate your efforts on complying with the terms of your parole.


The Judge who sentenced you usually will retain the case in the event of a violation. It is in your best interest to do all that is required to avoid a violation.


I have to confess I laughing to myself about this one. If you can figure out what attorney might have "a conflict of interest" with your sentencing judge, it seems to me you might also be able to figure out how to successfully walk off your parole. In any event if you solve that question, it wont be the judge who passes on your resentencing. The judge with make sure you are aware of the "issue" so you can make an informed decision as to whether you wish to proceed with that attorney or have the opportunity to hire alternate counsel. The judge WILL NOT pass your case to another judge. Chances are the judge will see the ploy for what it is an factor that into your sentence. If the judge gave away you case, guess what, judges in Westmoreland County talk to each other like judges in every one of the other 66 counties in PA. So either way I suspect you'd pay a price for attempting to play that game.