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I am on bench probation in newport oregon. I was arrested in douglas county on a dui charge will newport find out about this?

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I am currently on bench probation in Newport oregon. I have paid all my fines and am about 1 month and a half from being off for good. I was up in roseburg oregon visiting family and was arrest for dui, with no other charges, will newport find out about my arrest? since its only a bench probation, and not formal probation? Im going to fight my charges and im really worried about getting violated before i can prove im innocent in court.

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Although I am not familiar with probation procedures in Or, I imagine that the other court will learn of your new arrest. I think that it is important to remember that an arrest in itself is not a violation of probation -- you must be convicted or proven guilty. I'm sure that an Or attorney can answer this question with a little more specificity.


Many probation orders require that you report all arrests to the probation judge. You should read yours and see if it is required. If so, failure to report the arrest would likely be a probation violation itself. Courts have a good deal of discretion regarding probation violations and revocation should only be used as a last resort. You should contact a criminal defense attorney so you can put your best foot forward on this.


You should bet on Newport finding out about your Douglas County problem. You may actually have a probation duty to report it on your own.

A good criminal defense attorney would seek to have your probation violation trail your actual DUI case. That way, if you win the DUI case, the probation violation might just go away. You shouldn't try to navigate these waters by yourself - that's a recipe for disaster.


Your DUII arrest is visible in any computer search run by law enforcement and court personel. You should not take the risk of not reporting this in Newport.

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