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I am on a month to month paying rent in ga. i am late for the month of april my landlord says hes going to put me out can he

Atlanta, GA |

he said he does not have to have go to court for eviction.because its month to month with no sign lease.

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That is absolutely not true. All leases are held to the same standard, and he must follow the law and provide you with proper notices and a hearing.


He is wrong. A month-to-month tenant is still and tenant and must be evicted like any other.

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When this type of question is asked, I always want to know: What are your plans as a tenant? Why are you late? Are you going to be able to pay, soon? Have you tried to work it out with the landlord?
Some aspects of landlord-tenant law are complicated, but if you don't have a plan for getting caught up on the rent, the landlord will eventually have the right to get you out. Your statement indicates you are only late for one month. If you don't have a way to make that up then you need to consider finding a different residence.