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I am on a deffered judgement for a domestic violence case which will be dismissed in 06/12. Will I need expungement as well?

Newark, CA |

I am having extreme difficulty getting a good job as this case shows up in the bg check. I am a engineer with no other arrests/ record other than this one - The case shows as a misdeaminor on the BG check , it happened in 10/10 and the court gave me 1 year dv classes which are completed successfully, the judge said that the the case will be automatically dismissed in 06/12. Will I need to get expungement done to get it off my record after it is dismissed or does 'dismissed' mean that I can answer 'no' to the have to ever been convicted question? Thank you for your help.

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If it truly is a deferred entry judgment (DEJ) case (meaning you have NOT been sentenced), then once you comply with all terms of your bargain with the court/District Attorney's Office then, yes, your matter should be dismissed and your record should reflect the same. Note however that the arrest will remain on your record and if an employer runs your information through certain databases it may be found. In addition the disposition concerning the DEJ may appear depending upon the terms of your bargain.

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Thank you so much for the prompt reply Tracy. I was not sentenced. I just took diversion classes for year and then the judge said that the case will be dismissed in 06/12. THANKS FOR THE ANSWER...