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I am on a 11 years probations I was wonder if I can have it reduce lower

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what can I do about having my regular probations reduce i haven't started my probations yet im still on community control and i have 8 months left to see if i can have the other year drop and start my regular probations. i know i have to do 5 in half years to get the rest off but i was wondering if i can have it reduce i am mother of 3 and i would be on a curfew from 6am to 10pm not a big deal im always home by dark anyways im a mother.:) but what if my husband and i wanted to take my kids out to dinner or something like that how's does that work would i be able to do stuff like that as long im home before 10pm if im not and it alittle after what do i do ? i don't want to violate and mess things up.should i talk it over with my probation officer first?

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Once you have done one half of the probationary period without problems, you can probably move for early termination.

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It'll be difficult to get a judge to agree to reduce the length of your probationary sentence when you haven't even started that portion of your sentence yet. The halfway point is the traditional time to petition to early terminate. However, after a reasonable period of time on probation, the court may agree to ease certain restrictions (like the curfew).

Until your conditions change, make sure you follow them. A VOP will mean quite a bit of time away from your kids (much more than missing a dinner with them). When you're ready to address your curfew, contact a local attorney to guide you through the process.

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I agree with both of my knowledgeable colleagues. You can move to terminate your probation at any time unless your court order prohibits you. I would wait until a decent amount of time has passed and you are doing well on probation and have completed all conditions before moving to terminate. In most cases people suggest waiting halfway, I am a little more aggressive and believe you should give it a shot once you have completed everything. Good luck!

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This sounds like a pretty serious deal sir and don't get ahead of yourself. Community control is very hard to do and you don't want to mess it up now. Talk to a lawyer about getting it terminated early.