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I am now a 33 yr.old woman who was sexually abused by my father. At the time of the crime i was 13 and it last more than a year.

Woburn, MA |

my life has been extremely rough,but now that i am a mother it still extremely bothersome to me . what r my rights because i am no longer scared of my father and the threats he made?

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I am so sorry this happened to you.

As far as I know, any civil action is barred by the statute of limitations. To sue for sexual abuse of a minor one has to commence the action within 3 years of the incident, or within 3 years of when the alleged victim realized there was some injury. That 3 year window is tolled until the child reaches 18. You are outside that window.

But a criminal action for sexual abuse of a minor can be brought anytime. However, if 27 years or more have elapse since the incident there must be independent evidence that supports the allegations. Speak with the district attorney's office in the county where it happened.

Good luck.

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Attorney Redmond is correct with regard to time limits. She gave you good advice...speak with the District Attorney's office.

Best of Luck!

Valerie J. Semensi, Esq.