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I am not allowed to see my children, even though supervised visitation was court-ordered. What can I do?

Cisco, TX |

My husband was incarcerated in 2009 for assault/bodily injury on me. I fled the home but, at that time, wasn't financially stable enough to take care of my children. I was sharing custody with my in-laws. They went to court without my knowledge and the order was revised. They were awarded full custody and I was left with supervised visits. Their goal was to eventually have me completely out of the picture. They harrassed me, slandered my name, and haven't allowed me to see the children in nearly a year and 1/2. I call and send letters but they tell me the kids are better off without me. They tell everyone in town I abandoned them. We live in the same town. It is torture to a mothers' soul. Help!

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If they are violating a court order your can file a motion to enforce or to hold them in contempt. It is important that you talk to an attorney right away.


As my colleague stated, you should consult an attorney immediately. If the order allows you to see your children via supervised visits then your "in-laws" are required to comply with the order. It is standard in TX orders to state the consequences of not complying with an order- which includes denying access and visitation.
If you would like to enforce the order then an attorney can help you file for contempt or a motion to enforce.

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