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I am looking for an attorney for a court martial case pending on Camp Pendleton.

Oceanside, CA |

I understand that I am provided free legal services on Camp Pendleton, I was just wondering if there was guidance for a possible pro bono attorneys. Or at least direction for services that would be able to assist me.

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As you are aware, you can get a free defense attorney at the DSO's office of the LSSS at Camp Pendleton. If you want your own private counsel, you will have to pay their attorney fees in order to retain them. Both the DSO and the Legal Assistance Office (LAO) have a list of attorneys in specific practice areas, one of which being Criminal Defense (UCMJ). Most of the attorneys on the list will provide you with a free consultation.

Best of luck to you!


You may find some local attorneys that consider pro bono court martial cases. I do that in Georgia, but California is too far to consider a pro bono matter. I recommend you ask the TDS office for a copy of their referral list. Call each attorney and sed if pro bono or reduced rate is a possibility for you.

I hope this helps. Good luck


A military member is provided a Judge Advocate free of charge to defend a court-martial. If you wish to hire a civilian counsel, you will have to pay for the attorney out of your own pocket. Your military counsel will remain on the case and serve as co-counsel to your civilian counsel.


As noted, any of the lawyers on this forum will charge you for their services. Just as you are unlikely to find someone who will work on your car for free, you are unlikely to find someone who will undertake a court-martial free of charge. I can recommend some people to you in the AO, if you want to contact me privately, but understand there will be fees charged.

This post is for information purposes only and does not constitute legal advice, nor does it establish an attorney client relationship with Mr. Cassara.


As many of the attorneys have stated, your "free" attorney is the detailed defense counsel on base. If you want to hire a civilian attorney who specializes in military law then read my Avvo profile and contact me when you are ready for your free consultation.