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I am in US with L1 B which is valid till March 2014. My I 94 is valid till Oct 2015.can I apply for H1 B during 2014 April CAP?

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These are my areas of concerns, any suggestions on this is highly useful
a) My employer said that since my I 94 is valid, I don’t need to apply for an extension. Is it ok to be working without a validity in Visa, but validity in I94 ?
b) Employer says that if I go out of US for a vacation after March 2014, then I need a new blanket to be filled to come back to US.
Is it not possible for an extension of L1 Visa instead of fresh blanket when I am in US?
c) Can I apply for H1 B under CAP on April 2014? My L1 B will be expired that time, but I 94 will be valid.
d) Also if I apply H1 and worst case it gets rejected. Will my I 94 goes invalid ? (my I 94 is valid till October 2015
Since I am here with my family, it is highly useful if I can plan this in advance.

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Most important ... talk to the employer's immigration lawyer, not a manager, not a para-legal and NOT a person in HR.
a. The I-94 controls people inside the US. The visa is only important when a person is outside of the US and wants to enter the US
b. That is probably correct
c. Possibly, talk to the company's immigration attorney
d. Not necessarily. As long as you are fully obeying the L classification, they probably won't invalidate the I-94

I support your planning in advance and strongly suggest a personal meeting with an immigration attorney ..... sooner, rather than later.

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I agree with counsel Capriotti

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Can you? No. Can an employer? Yes.
a. I-94s control status in the US, not visa stamps.
b. Cannot be determined from your posting
c. See first sentence above.
d. No

Your employer needs to retain an experienced immigration lawyer, whether myself or one of my colleagues, to review all the facts, advise them, and handle the case.

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