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I am in the process of divorce. My mother in law recently passed away and now he has sent me an email basically accusing me of

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killing her. He claims I researched on the internet how to give someone a heart attack and that I continuosly called her trying to upset her. None of this is true. He is telling everyone he knows that I am after her money...again this is false. He has posted derogatory statements about me on facebook and has told my son that because what I have done "dont be surprised as to what happens next". I find this to be threatening, harrassing and defamation. what can I do about this?

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I believe if you report this conduct to the police you will be told this is a civil matter for the divorce court to solve. Since you did not do anything to cause the heart attack you have a solid defense if you are ever charged.

Stay off the internet and social pages, unfriend facebook persons that offend, and in time this will pass.

Good luck to you.

God bless. Best of luck to you.

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This is typical crazy ex conduct that many a pro se defendants pull while your divorce is going on. I don't know how severe it's getting (Whether his outbursts are sporadic or intensifying), if it's starting to get worse, I'd consult with a local family law attorney about options, including an Order of Protection (If warranted under the facts).

Wheaton has their fair share of quality attorneys - you can even contact the DuPage Bar Association of a low cost referral.

Best of luck.