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I am in the process of a relocation case with my 2 yr old son, her father and i never went to court for visitation

Orlando, FL |

he never took the baby alone , everytime he would see him it would only be with me there or my mother , he was born with some complications also he is verbally abusive to me, has threatened to kill himself and to kill me , i want to know if the courts would terminate his parental rights, he has never gaven me a penny for the baby

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Typically a pure termination of parental rights can only be done in conjunction with a step-parent adoption, meaning that you would have to be remarried to someone who could adopt your child. A court can grant you sole parental responsibility and disallow any visitation, which would essentially accomplish the same thing.



Thanks for your answer, i was never married to him and i am single so i guess it wouldnt apply to my case, what would be a reason for a court to deny visitation to him and to grant me sole custody, in 2 months we have our first hearing, i recently asked my lawyer to get my ex to agree on a temporary supervised visitation and my ex agreed, the first day that he was supposed to see our baby with my mother there he got there and hour late, when he carried our son he started crying because he isnt used to him so he started screaming at my mother infront of the baby because the baby doesnt know who he is and blaming , he didnt try to calm the baby down he didnt even bring the baby a toy ( it was his bday) within 4 min he got up and said i cant stand him crying, slammed the door and drove off in his car like a maniac, after this happened i now think he shouldnt even visit our child, the agreement was signed by a judge, is there anyway my lawyer can terminate the agreement until our hearing date?