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I am in the Metairie area and I am trying to find out what type of lawyer do I talk to about financial aid and student loans?

Metairie, LA |

I get a different amount number every time I go and the lady that fixed my packaging no longer works for the school and I'm getting the run around about my tuition breakdown and financial aid and student loans.

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Its not clear what exactly you need an attorney to help with. If its just that you need to get clarification as to what aid and loans you've received you should keep trying to get answers from the financial aid office.

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It is unclear if you are still in school and applying for loans or if you have questions about existing loans. If you are inquiring about loans, I would go to the U.S. Dept. of Ed. web site to research.
If you want info about existing loans, I would start by downloading a transcript of your student loan portfolio at the NSLDS web site. That will tell you how much you owe on student loans issued or guaranteed by the federal government. If you have private student loans, you can check your credit reports.
Once your loans come due, there are a number of programs out there which can reduce your monthly payment (from the default payment schedule) and/or forgive some of your loans.

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