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I am in hiding from abusive spouse & trying to file divorce but don't know the info about his separate debts, can I still file?

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I dont have the info on his debts that he incurred separately, I fled the residence when he attacked me and was unable to get this info. He is not cooperative and has been stalking me so I am afraid to contact him to get the info. How can I file divorce without this info? I know he has a prior student loan over 40k, but am unaware of any other loans

I fled over a year and a half ago

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Put on the Petition for dissolution in the separate property section on the first page "Confirm to Respondent as his separate property/obligation any and all debts in his name."


Yes, you can file. To have the peace of mind you deserve about the decree entered, your interests will be best met with a consultation with an experienced family law practitioner. You will want to know if it will be sufficient to allege generally that he has incurred debt without your knowledge or consent and how to request language that will absolve you of any residual obligation for such debts.

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You don't need that information in order to file the divorce. You really should immediately consult with a local family law attorney to discuss all your issues.


That's right you don't need that information to file for divorce. You can simply state on the petition that you do not know. You might consider filing a restraining order together with the petition. Maybe hire a lawyer or at least talk to

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