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I am in H1B and my LPR spouse concurrently filed I130, I765, and I485 for me. If I loose my job what will be my legal status?

Bloomington, IL |

Concurrently filed for F2A category on 9/13/2013. Received package acceptance e-notification on 9/19/2013. The acceptance I797 will be in mail within 7-10 business days.

Thank you for your help.

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You'll be OK. You'll be "pending adjustment of status", which, according to USCIS is "no status", but you will not be accruing any "unlawful presence" and will be "in a period of stay authorized by the AG". A lot of mumbo jumbo to mean you'll be OK and will be able to obtain and renew your employment authorization card for as long as your I-485 AOS is pending (and of course, for as long as you keep your LPR spouse happy..)

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You will not have a status but you will be in a period of staty authorized by the Attonry General so long as your I-485 is pending and you remain married.

Lynne R. Feldman, Attorney at Law


You won't have legal status until the I-485 is approved but you can legally stay here for the duration that it remains pending for certain.

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