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I am in Affordable Income Housing and recently discovered that I have been illegally overcharged a small amount each month...

Salt Lake City, UT |

At the same time, due to a technicality in the lease, I am being forced to go to a month to month contract at least for one more month before they let me leave the community. Can they get in trouble for overcharging me and can I use that knowledge as leverage to get out of my lease?

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Depending on the facts yes and yes.

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I agree with Mr. Andriotis. Essentially, the answer to both questions is maybe. If you add more information about (1) how you know you are overcharged and what the charge is and (2) why you cannot get out of the lease sooner, we might be able to provide you a more specific answer.

Providing this answer does not form an attorney-client relationship. Most legal questions are exceedingly fact-sensitive and therefore this answer is a best-guess based on the information you provide. You should consult an attorney licensed in your state to further discuss your matter.