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I am in a civil union that is ending. How can I go about this cheaply since she is demanding more money from me?

Colorado Springs, CO |

We engaged in a civil union on May 1, 2013. We were previously together for 6 years prior to the civil union. She left me at the end of August 2013. She is currently going to law school and is demanding that I need to refund her all the refund disbursement immediately. (10K) I've already given her $4500. She is demanding that I be responsible for more. I have been supporting her (100%) financially throughout law school. Where do I begin to see what is right and wrong? She wanted to leave months ago and still went ahead with the civil union. I know I need help but I can't spend a ton of money since she has already gotten most of it. Any advice or referrals would be great at this point.

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It is unlikely that she is entitled to much given the extremely short duration of the civil union. However, what you need to do is to sit down with an attorney. Posting a paragraph online is not enough to get a full picture of the situation. If you are trying to economize, look for an attorney who will offer unbundled legal services. This way, you can just pay by the hour to meet with an attorney who will advise you without going to court on your behalf. That way you can avoid a large retainer.

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