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I am in a Cigna 401K Class Action lawsuit. Is the status "DISABLED" and the status "LOA" still keep me in the active status?

Moreno Valley, CA |

I was off on Medical Leave, never on Leave of Absence. After this my employer put me as "Terminated" (only on the 401k statement), even though I was not. Does the term "Terminated" stop my 401k completely? I had a small balance of a little over $290.00 in it. In approx., July 27, 2005 I seen a paper regarding Prudential Financial (I was employed by Cigna and the account was with Cigna) and my name and a Plan Number: 10867-400 on it. I called Prudential and I have a letter from them stating in regards to my 401k plan and there is $50.00 vested. I called Prudential recently, NOW they claim they mailed me the balance of $290.50 on 2/24/2004 but they dont know where they sent it. Prudential is part of the suit and say I have a zero balance. What can I do to prove I still have 290.50 in 401k?

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Why don't you just ask them to reissue a new check?


If you are a named class member in the lawsuit your best bet would be to speak with the attorneys representing you.