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I am helping a friend who owns a town car service draft up leases for his cars for the drivers.

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Essentially my friend/co-worker has a town car business and he "leases" the cars to the drivers who then pay him weekly for use of the car. As up to now he has no real contract other than verbal and he wants something they have to sign so I drafted something up for him, and I will post a link to it, but I want to make sure it seems like it is OK, and what else needs to be done if anything?

Thank you for any help..

The document can be viewed at..

You will have to highlight, copy, and paste that link in order to see it.

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If you aren't an attorney, I would be very very careful in doing this for your friend, as it may be construed as the unauthorized practice of law, which is a crime in the State of Washington. I suggest reading the information in the link I have provided below. I suggest that you be very careful here.

This advice is for INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES only and should not be relied upon as legal advice. No attorney-client relationship shall be formed as a result of the answer above.



Thank you for the information. What would you suggest he does? Is there a way to maybe go some place that can make the documents legal?

Samuel Watson Eastman

Samuel Watson Eastman


Ideally, he should consult with an attorney, as this shouldn't cost very much to take care of. If he would like to do so without the use of an attorney, there are plenty of self-help type websites (e.g., legalzoom), but these online one-size-fits-all self help services often result in poorly drafted contracts. I recently wrote a blog post about this topic, which may be helpful for your friend to read:



I will have him look into that, as well i will inform him of this. Thank you very much for the information and quick reply to my question.


It is one thing for the parties to formalize their agreement in writing, it is something else for a third person to do so as at least appears to be practicing law without a license, which can be criminally prosecuted. Your friend would be better served hiring an attorney, who know our state's laws regarding contracts, licensing and insurance issues, to draft up a contract that will be enforceable. It will save him headaches and money in the long run.

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