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I am going to court in a month for a prostitution charge, first offense misdemeanor 3.chances of jail?

Irwin, PA |

i got in trouble 8 years ago , completely unrelated to prostitution . my only record , plead down to criminal mischief . i recently got busted for my first offense prostitution charge . i had put up an ad on an escort website . i never mentioned ANY acts in any ad , or email . i was detained and searched ( nobody told me why i was being searched or what for ) without being read Miranda rights . i never agreed to specific acts , i told the under cover the money was for my TIME and i never touched the money . and NOTHING was found in my home . no drugs , no adult products , nothing . what are the chances of jail time , and pleading down to a disorderly for my record because i can not have the P word on my record . it was put in the system as an 3 . Allegheny County , PA

thank you. trying to delete everything, having issues

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You shouldn't post anything more about your case on this or any other public website. You should talk to a criminal defense attorney in your county. A local attorney will know best about the procedures and diversionary programs in your county. He or she will also be able to advise you as to your best option, including going to trial. Good luck.


You need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney and to stop posting on a public site. I do not see this as a jail case and there are options. Good luck.


You should definitely hire an attorney or obtain a public defender. That attorney can explore your options for a plea bargain. As indicated by my colleagues, do not post any details of your case on any website or social media as it (if properly authenticated) can be used against you in Court

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I agree with my colleagues...there are several issues you potentially raise. A competent attorney could help turn these into effective legal arguments.


I agree with the oher responders about your need for counsel and your posting of details about your specific case. Save the details for your initial meeting with him/her. On the subject of possible jail, I am not fully clear on your prior record. Suffice to say that is the primary determining factor when you are charged with an M3.


It's unclear from your question where the pending charges are located. Irwin (Westmoreland) appears to be your current location but you mention Allegheny County at the very end. You need to start talking privately with qualified criminal defense attorneys who practice in the county where this offense arose. Most here, myself included, offer free consultations. Take advantage of that to speak privately with one or more lawyers, and a recommend that you do so without further delay. Good luck.


As already stated, you need to hire a lawyer. there is always a chance he can beat the case at teh prelim or work it out to a DC with the DA. Don't do this alone.


You seem to have multiple questions 1) can I win at trial? 2) can I plead this down to a summary offense? and 3) do I have a strong chance of jail time? Any lawyer would need to know far more about your case before answering the first 2 questions. With respect to the third question, if you have only a summary offense conviction on your record, then it is unlikely that you would receive a jail sentence for a third degree misdemeanor conviction. You must, however, be aware that you will go to jail if you violate the terms of your probation.