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I am getting ready to go in for my CRN Evaluation? I don't really know what this means, and cant find a definitive answer on it

Pittsburgh, PA |

What exactly is a CRN Evaluation? Is it a series of questions? Is it a drug test? I am currently on house arrest and my officer told me this is something I need to get done, and I am just trying to figure out what I am actually going to be looking forward too. Any insight is great. Once I do the CRN, what are the next steps?

I have already been to court, and plead no contest. I am trying to move back home, which is out of state, but there saying they can't transfer me back till after I finish my probation here for the dui, which isn't over until next march. So I am trying to get everything done as soon as I can. I am currently not working so my payments are behind but my officer understands and is working with me on that. Once I get off house arrest I will start looking for work again. Any insight once again would be appreciated.

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Pa requires all individuals charged with a DUI to submit to a CRN evaluation. The evaluation involves answering a series of questions so that your drinking habits might be assessed to determine whether you are a problem drinker.


The CRN ( Court Reporting Network) evaluation is used to determine your dependency on alcohol or controlled substances and to determine the need for addiction treatment. It usually consists of a battery of questions but I suspect it could include a drug test in some counties. What happens next really depends on what track you are on ie the ARD track or trial track.

This information does not create an attorney /client relationship and should not be use or relied upon to make any decision in your case. Only consultation with your own attorney can provide you with the advice you need for your case.


This is generally a standardized set of questions to determine if you need drug and/or alcohol counseling and, if so, how much. In many counties you will be given a breath test or a drug test as part of the process. It is important to get this done as failing to do so can delay disposition of your case

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