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I am filling out a US Affidavit of Support for my Canadian husband.. I just got a job, (June) does that show enough support?

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I have lived in Canada as a visitor while my waiting on my husbands visa. Since he has a good job I have not worked. Recently he was told he would be transfered to the states with his company when his visa is done. I am going to go ahead and move back to the states for a job. Since I am starting in the middle of the year, do I still need a co-signer for the support? I will meet the minimum requierments by December.

I also met the requirements for the 2011 tax year.

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Usually USCIS will look at the last tax year (2011) and if you have met the requirements for 2011 and currently have a job you may be OK. However if the case is adjudicated next year you will also have to meet the requirements for 2012.

Karen Weinstock
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You will need to qualify at the time of his interview at the consulate. So, if it happens soon, you will show your 2011 tax returns.

You should line up a co-sponsor just in case you need one.



Should I go ahead and send in the co-sponsor's form with mine just to keep the process moving? Or would that be too much unwanted information (if it's not needed) and slow down the process even more?

Marc Damien Sean Taylor

Marc Damien Sean Taylor


If you are at the stage where you need to submit the I-864 (case is at the National Visa Center), and it was requested then do so. Otherwise, if the case is still pending then no, do not send it.


I agree with my colleagues.

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You may be able to use your husband's income alone as your household income, and without needing a co-sponsor if his income is high enough to meet the income guidelines and he is the only intending immigrant you are sponsoring.

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