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I am filing for my husband to remove conditions on his residence. I have 8 years old child who is US. citizen like me.

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I am filing for my husband to remove conditions on his residence. I have an 8 years old child who is U.S. citizen like me from previous marriage. My Question is do i need to add my child information on the form I-751 where it asks about children in (Part 4. Information about your children). Or i just leave it blank. since my only child is from different marriage.

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Yes, list the child (your child is your husband's stepchild), and then check no, where it asks if the child is applying with you. You should consult with a qualified immigration attorney for guidance and assistance with this process - you can search for an attorney at Best of luck to you.



The Answer is easy and simple to understand, and i think this is what all clients need. In addition to checking No where it asks if the child is applying with you, I included a copy of my child U.S passport and U.S birth certificate as evidence when USCIS review my case just to be on the safe side.


You list everything and everybody you are asked to list on the Form. Why would you not want to list your child from another marriage? That will have no bearing on the adjudication of the I-751, which will strictly be adjudicated on the strength of the documentary evidence you attach to the I-751.

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No. Your US citizen child need not be named. The relevant form calls for children to be named here if the dependent child acquired CR status on the same day as your husband or within 90 days thereafter.

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